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Hacketts in Iowa
The Hacketts were mainly farmers in Iowa. You can find more of the family history here...
The Hacketts came from Ireland, a land filled with rich history and much mystery. More...

Welcome to the Hackett Families home on the Internet! The site is primarily focused on the Hackett family that moved from Ireland to Iowa by way of Wisconsin in the mid 1800's. It's a small site, but not a small family! We hope to add more information, images and genealogy related 'stuff' as time goes by, so check back frequently!

Richard Hackett
Richard Hackett was born in Tempo, Ireland on January 5, 1843. Sometime before 1868, his family migrated to the United States. We know it was before 1868, because that's when he married Jerusha Olive Fry, in Fennimore, Wisconsin.

Between 1870 and 1872, the family moved to Iowa, but had to return to Wisconsin due to the trouble with the Indians. Yes, there were Indians in Iowa, once upon a time. Souix, Algonquin, and Winnebago were some of the tribes in the area, and they weren't too happy being pushed out by the new settlers. Eventually, the Hackett family returned and started farming. A total of 10 children were born. This site will document their families, and try to trace back Richard's ancestors.

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